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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a vital function in any company. Effective procurement can be as important to a company’s financial performance as it’s core operations or service provision. And yet sometimes it can be overlooked or its importance diminished.
Online marketplaces such as Dockstr will play an ever-increasing role in assisting or enhancing your SCM function depending on your existing capability or capacity.
Our online platform and Supplier Database will improve your sourcing reach whilst for more complex procurement, we offer more advanced solutions as set out below.

Standard Products

For standard, ‘off-the-shelf’ products, your Company can use Dockstr to find new product suppliers or to enhance your existing supplier network. Suppliers can be found by product, capability or geography.


A detailed overview of the supply chain with high-level supplier profiles and contact details

Advanced search capability allowing a comprehensive picture of suppliers able to provide the products you require

A suit of online tools for enquires/purchase order generation which can be used instead of, or in complement to your company’s standard process

Product comparison and evaluation capability (coming soon)

Engineerd products

Engineered Products

For more complex products such as those with an engineered or performance content and with a mid-range value, there will be an increased risk to the buyer and a requirement therefore for a higher-level of management of the procurement process.

Typically, the buyer will provide, to the supplier, a product specification containing technical content, performance needs, enhanced documentation, delivery schedule and inspection or external third party design review.

Such a process may, depending on the criticality and value of the item being purchased, require active management of the supplier during the product manufacture or build. This typical process is shown by the accompanying diagram and Dockstr is well positioned to provide support during the various stages of the procurement.


Preparation or review of bid documentation including design, specification, supplier criteria, etc.

Bid evaluation

Review of compliance against RFQ and evaluation of submitted bids. Supplier assessment and risk identification.


Provide support to any award including commercial/contractual terms and associated documentation.

Supplier management

Management of supplier progress and compliance. Reporting of non-compliance, risks, variations and schedule.


Ensure supplier delivers main scope of work in line with the terms of commercial award.


Purchase Order Close out confirming compliance with all terms of the purchase order.

Major Packages

For major procurement projects involving high-cost, highly engineered products or services, with performance of critical importance to the end user, detailed active management of the supplier and their subcontractors (if applicable) is required.

This process is shown by the accompanying diagram.

Dockstr’s capability extends to the management of such packages and involves a dedicated Project Manager to manage the end users requirements with a greater onsite presence during design, manufacturing, fabrication and commissioning.

For Capex projects, Dockstr can provide a start to finish service with additional support for investment analysis, development of business case and full Supply Chain Management services in a ring-fenced confidential environment to protect a Clients security.

Major packages
Bourbon at Dockstr
ABB at Dockstr
Stena at Dockstr
Eni at Dockstr
Subsea 7 at Dockstr
Ocensa at Dockstr
"Dockstr was different to traditional sales methods and yet the platform was easy to use and generated leads from all over the world."
Jean Boda,Product manager
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