Transaction services

We have extensive experience in transactions relating to the acquisition and disposal of equipment and businesses. This, coupled with our digital marketplace means we can offer an unrivalled technology-driven approach to more complex multi-million dollar transactions for companies, corporations and financial investors.
Therefore if you are looking for support for a large or strategic transaction such as:
The sale or shutdown of a business unit or facility
Restructuring activities
An internal initiative relating to inventory or equipment-pools
An ongoing and/or recurring effort of managing surplus/excess equipment
End of project disposals, or
The purchase of critical spares or equipment
You may want to engage with us as we have :
Experience in the management of complex transactions
A network of proven industry and transactional experts
An understanding of the market dynamics relating to a transaction
Advanced IT tools to manage unstructured and large data sets
Systems to generate market interest and therefore sales
Contact us to see how we can facilitate your transaction in a way that protects your position and your business whilst maximising value created.
And our flexibility means we can manage entire projects or work in a supporting role to your internal teams or external advisors.