Dockstr completes successful capital raise - Dockstr

Dockstr completes successful capital raise

Aug 26, 2019
Dockstr, the Stockholm-headquartered technology company working to digitalise the online buying and selling of equipment and products has announced its second successful capital raise in just under 18 months.

Launched under two years ago with the aim of digitalising the trade in secondary equipment within the offshore and marine sectors, Dockstr has developed a fully functioning online marketplace for new and used equipment and products using innovative digital solutions. Already, a diverse range of companies from international operators to geographically focussed Independents and from global contractors to local service providers are using Dockstr. And with over USD250 million of equipment already listed for sale it is anticipated that the relevance of Dockstr will continue to grow in line with the need for companies to increase their exposure to digital solutions, particularly in the area of commercial and supply chain management activities.  

Therefore at a time when the industry continues to struggle with restricted growth, low pricing and poor quality backlog, Dockstr is pleased to announce the closing of a second successful capital raise in under 18 months. Backed by a combination of senior investors from the energy and technology industries, Dockstr has raised significant capital allowing to further develop it’s online offering and the supporting technology. 

Dockstr CEO and co-founder Slimane Bouabbane has an almost evangelical view on the subject: “As an industry, not only are we emerging from a transformational downturn but we are facing a number of factors which will challenge the historical norms of our business. The rise of alternative energies, a growing environmental lobby and the fact that discoveries are becoming smaller, often with more complex reservoirs mean that the industry has to change. Embracing the 4th industrial revolution and adopting a more digitally-focused, standardised and sustainable approach to doing business is one significant area of opportunity.

That said, transforming the way in which the industry does business digitally and online is challenging however we believe that there is a strong appetite for using technology to become more capital-efficient. And for equipment-related investments this means buying right and on-time, reusing, sharing and ultimately repurposing. In response, our team of industry and IT-specialists, backed by the support of our investors, have developed applicable solutions and are working with the supply chain to assist the industry in making the transition to this new digital world and to discover new opportunities, particularly in relation to new or used equipment.”

About Dockstr

Dockstr is a Stockholm-based digital technology company developing transformational online solutions for the offshore and marine sectors. The company operates the industry’s leading online marketplace offering users the opportunity to lower capex, opex and working capital relating to equipment-related investments.
The company operates out of offices in Stockholm and London and its Management, Directors and Investors have strong track-records in the offshore energy, marine and technology industries.

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