SeaOwl Energy Services

SeaOwl Energy Services

The SeaOwl Group offers a wide range of asset management, training, security and manpower supply services to address the challenges of the defense and energy industries.

SeaOwl works closely with our clients to understand their business drivers, to assess the risks they face in executing business strategies, to agree specialist service solutions and to oversee implementation.

In this way, we design and deliver high value-added maritime solutions for our customers, offering services which encompass marine defense training and equipment qualification services, manpower management, maritime threat detection, monitoring and response solutions.

Our approach is highly customized. No two projects are the same: each presents particular challenges. In some cases, SeaOwl provides a turnkey solution using our in-house resources. In others, we work in partnership with other service suppliers and/or our client’s resources.

Whichever way we work, we understand and manage risk with the highest regard for health, safety and the environment. Our aim is to operate in a safe way, avoiding injury to personnel, and to minimize the impact on the environments in which we work.

To this end, the company continues to invest in innovative and highly productive solutions, which, together with our technical know how and capabilities are key to addressing our clients’ growing challenges.
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