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MacGregor, part of Cargotec, is a leader in intelligent maritime cargo and offshore load handling with a strong portfolio of MacGregor, Hatlapa, Porsgrunn, Pusnes, Rapp and Triplex solutions.

MacGregor supports the offshore industry through a diverse portfolio and is also serving the renewable energy sector; numerous projects shows our ability to develop technology for use in this growing industry.

The In line mooring tensioner provides means to adjust the tension of the individual mooring lines of a floating platform.

Tension is applied from a surface installation vessel typically around a five-pocket chain wheel.

A chain stopper mechanism locks the mooring line at a particular tension once it is achieved.

In line mooring tensioner can be used for a variety of mooring line types and styles.

Greater depth, smaller crane and vessel can be used. This is made possible because of the neutrally-buoyant, high-performance fibre rope. Fibre-rope weighs virtually nothing in water, so regardless of the length of rope used, it does not add anything to the load experienced by the crane. This is in complete contrast to steel wire cranes, which have to bear the load as well as the ever-increasing weight of wire paid out.

Gentle rope handling and a controlled environment safeguard the integrity of the fibre rope, guaranteeing a long lifetime.

5th generation bow loading system developed based on the proven 4th generation.

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