2G Robotics

2G Robotics

Who We Are

At 2G Robotics we use cutting-edge technology to develop innovative inspection solutions that provide detailed and precise data to maintain the world’s critical infrastructure. Founded in 2007 as an underwater technology start-up with a foundation of strong engineering and R&D expertise, we were the first company in the world to widely provide underwater laser scanners for offshore and subsea inspection.

Our technology has been used for countless industrial and academic applications, with deployments on all 7 continents from the Canadian Arctic to Antarctic Lakes, on the Costa Concordia Salvage Operation, and on numerous offshore jobs.

Design Philosophy

We take a holistic design approach to product development. By focussing on performance and reliability we design complete inspection solutions that put the customer experience first. This starts with product development and is carried through the integration process, deployment and operation, to data analysis and decision making. 

We strive to be flexible – gauging our success by the success of our customers, whether that means consulting them on the best approach to using our products or collaborating with them to develop custom solutions that meet their specific project requirements.

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