Dynamica Ropes

Dynamica Ropes

Dynamica ropes are made with Dyneema® fiber produced by DSM in Holland, the strongest fiber in the world™. Dynamica ropes made with Dyneema® have excellent properties concerning strength, weight, UV-stability (daylight), safety, abrasion, tension, fatigue and bending fatigue. Compared with a 20 mm steel wire rope, a 20 mm Dynamica standard rope (SK78) is just as strong but weighs 7 to 10 times less. It makes Dynamica ropes much easier to handle and safer to use.

Ropes made with Dyneema® are the most compact ropes in the world. The ropes are produced in Denmark on state of the art machinery, to ensure the best obtainable quality. The local production and an innovative staff with many years of experience within rope manufacturing are the main reasons why Dynamica Ropes is specialized in custom rope solutions. Another specialty is that DYNAMICA ropes are treated with a unique coating that ensures shape stability and increased abrasion resistance to achieve a longer lifetime.

DYNAMICA ropes are heated under tension to ensure maximum strength, durability and uniformity. The history of Dynamica Ropes begins in Taulov, Denmark, where the headquarter is located. Dynamica Ropes is a global supplier of ropes made with Dyneema® fiber for various applications in Offshore, Wind, Maritime, Lifting Mooring, Towing, Fishing, Seismic and the glider industry.

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