Advanced Graphic Engraving

Advanced Graphic Engraving

Founded in 1997, Advanced Graphic Engraving is the premier provider of engraved and printed materials for an array of industries around the world. Our 10,000 square foot space is home to more than a dozen state of the art computer-driven systems, as well as an experienced and innovative team. The overall embodiment of AGE is our “WHATEVER IT TAKES” mentality, and this phrase drives our day to day operations.

Advanced Graphic Engraving has prided itself on providing a variety of markets with their industrial engraving, signage, tagging, and imprinting requirements. The foundation of our business has always been superior customer service, state of the art equipment, highly trained personnel, and innovative technology. We firmly believe that an emphasis on not just the products, but the people who use them, sets us apart from others in our field. 

Today, we operate multiple laser engravers, rotary engravers, vinyl printers, sublimation and screen printing equipment. With this equipment, we can mark countless substrates including, but not limited to: stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, acrylics, phenolic, 2-plex, vinyl, brass, tile, marble, glass, and wood. We also offer an extensive catalogue of graphic and identification products such as ADA signage, full-colour sublimation, IMO photo-luminescent signage, vinyl signage, decals, and more. If you can imagine it, we will do our best to make it a reality. 

Every item we produce undergoes rigorous quality control inspection before it leaves our facility to ensure it meets customer specifications. In addition, Advanced Graphic Engraving utilizes custom written production tracking software to ensure on-time delivery for every order. Advanced Graphic Engraving will work with you to ensure that all of your engraving and printing needs are met. If you are a multinational presence, do not worry, we are too. 

We have produced a number of projects in many languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Arabic, and Chinese. Our products are on every continent, in a variety of environments, meeting the highest standards. We are proud of the work we do, and we are excited to partner with you!

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