Astoria Solutions

Astoria Solutions

Astoria Solutions is a cloud-based workplace productivity and safety solutions provider in Singapore, India, UAE and Malaysia that applies the concept of Disruptive Innovation to our products and solutions. We empower our customers with operational visibility, risk mitigation, faster project turnaround times and rapid global deployment, at lowest total cost of ownership. 

Safety has always been a paramount priority and has often been mentioned as a “Condition of Work” in the chemical oil & gas industry, which is a work environment fraught with various hazards. During emergencies and mishaps, accounting and tracking of employees in real-time is of utmost importance, as human lives are at stake.

Building on RFID sensor-to-cloud technology, astorSafeTM offers a holistic solution to pin-point the exact number and location of your employees in an unobtrusive way. It uses built-in safety parameters to determine access and denial-of-entry into hazardous zones such as confined spaces. With astorSafeTM Mustering, the system monitors occupancy of employees in confined spaces, hazardous areas, chemical plants, or in refinery and work sites. The software issues alerts whenever defined safety limits are breached, allowing emergency and evacuation challenges to be solved.

The Marine and O&G industries are all about the workforce. Managing their workforce extremely closely is a top priority. Tracking the attendance of the workers on a daily basis, often on multiple shifts and flexible hours, is a complicated and time-consuming task. As a consequence, the computation of salaries and project costing becomes tedious, delayed and often inaccurate.

astorTimeTM is an innovative solution that makes tracking your workers’ attendance and calculating project labor costs a breeze. Equipped with a comprehensive and flexible policy engine, generating payslips is just a click away. Combined with our RFID tracking technology or biometric systems, astorTimeTM provides a holistic solution to keep track of your workforce.

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