Bal Seal Engineering

Bal Seal Engineering

At Bal Seal Engineering we custom-engineer sealing, connecting, conducting and shielding solutions that improve the performance and reliability of equipment all over the world. 

Bal Seal Engineering is a client-focused, engineering solutions company that enters into collaborative relationships with innovative customers while developing growing and emerging OEM markets worldwide. We attract and develop the best and brightest from a variety of backgrounds and cultures with diverse experience and capabilities. We take pride in our responsiveness to customers'​ needs. We acquire or develop the most appropriate technologies. We provide the highest quality standards at all of our strategically located global operations and manufacturing facilities. We grow through market development and strategic partnerships. 

Bal Seal Engineering is a privately held, global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting and shielding solutions for original equipment manufacturers. By applying its material science capabilities and leveraging its unique Bal Spring™ canted coil spring technology, the company develops new products, enhances existing designs and discovers new ways to propel technology forward.

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