Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits

Artificial Intelligence For The World's Most Demanding Industries

Beyond Limits builds advanced artificial intelligence for the world's most demanding industries. Our solutions go beyond conventional AI to transform business and provide people with better information for faster, smarter decisions that reduce risk and identify opportunities.

Beyond Limits is a full-stack artificial intelligence engineering company creating advanced software solutions that go beyond conventional AI. Beyond Limits solves tough, complex, mission-critical business problems for industries that matter. Industries with a massive scale that touch millions of people. Beyond Limits provides people with information for faster, better decisions that reduce risk.

Cognitive intelligence and human-like reasoning set Beyond Limits apart from others. Beyond Limits breakthrough cognitive technology goes beyond conventional AI, blending deep learning and machine learning tools together with symbolic AI that emulates human intuition to deliver cognitive reasoning and intelligence. Our systems are trained on data and educated by knowledge, which greatly reduces the amount of data needed to make them intelligent.

Because of Beyond Limits unique heritage from the NASA space program, our systems are designed to handle the unknown, including imperfect or missing data. This means we can solve problems that conventional deep learning approaches alone cannot do. Beyond Limits solutions are fast, efficient, and run on lightweight hardware. No supercomputer needed.

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