Breman Machinery

Breman Machinery

A diversity of clients work with Breman Machinery. Mechanical engineers, machine builders, offshore companies, the military, aerospace companies and other industrial firms. They see us as a partner in the construction of machines and the implementation of projects. We don’t turn down any challenge. Extreme dimensions? Huge weights? High precision? With our machinery and 25 metre high workshops, crane capacity up to 320 tonnes and a quay outside the door, we are up to the job. Our location beside open water means we have a direct connection to the international ports, including Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

But a partnership needs more than that. Professionalism, for example. Many clients involve us right from the design phase of their project, so that they can exploit our practical contribution. Besides that, it is our flexibility that marks the partnership. We have around 120 staff, and our organisation is flat. If you have additional wishes or new thoughts during the construction of a machine or structure, we can implement them at once. This method of working makes the lead-times of our projects remarkably short. This is not surprising: we are not dependent on suppliers, because we can do virtually anything in house – from setting, rolling, turning, milling and boring to welding, assembly, fitting and corrosion protection.

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