BS Coating

BS Coating

BS coatings develops and commercialises coating solutions intended for the hydrocarbons, water, industry and building markets.
Knowledge of markets, the development of high performance technologies, a reactive organisation and global technical support are just some of the strengths that position BS coatings as a leading player in the anticorrosion and functional coatings sector.


The confidence of its clients and the faithfulness of its partners reflect BS coatings’ position as a recognised professional. Through listening to its customers, staying at the forefront of progress and researching and offering solutions, BS coatings has forged its reputation for expertise and professionalism and affirmed its values.


Our products go through exacting approval and certification processes. We support our clients in this approach, for markets as diverse as gas, oil, water, transport and industry.
In this way, we have developed know-how and acquired expertise in numerous pipeline projects:
more than 50,000 km of FBE coated pipelines, more than 5,000 km of PU coated pipelines, more than 10,000 km of internally coated pipelines (flow coats, drinking water).

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