Castrol is a worldwide leader in high-performance lubricants for the automotive, industrial, marine and aerospace industries. Castrol manufactures products on a global basis, supplying customers in over 150 countries around the world. Castrol is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BP PLC.

Oil & Gas

Castrol offers more than 40 years of Oil & Gas experience, helping you to improve operational efficiency, lower costs and protect the environment in offshore and onshore drilling, subsea production and processing, in well lubrication and surface production.


Castrol has 100 years’ of marine experience and coverage across more than 820 ports in 82 countries worldwide for your business.


Castrol has all of the industrial oils, lubricants and industry expertise you need to help reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by increasing productivity, reliability and sustainability.


Keeping your operations running reliably, efficiently and sustainably doesn't just depend on choosing the right industrial fluids and lubricants. In order to avoid issues such as cutting fluid contamination and ensure optimal maintenance scheduling, you also need a complete package of efficiency-enabling services. That's why Castrol offers you a comprehensive range of services, all backed by liquid engineers with hands-on experience of your industry. This ensures that not only can we recommend the most appropriate products in the first place, we can also work with you to optimize efficiency, reliability and sustainability throughout your operations.

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