Cat Pumps

Cat Pumps

Cat Pumps® is a premier supplier of triplex, reciprocating, oilfield-process pumps. Our rugged triplex design delivers high energy-efficiency, smooth, low pulsation flow, field-proven long-life and low maintenance. Flows .03 to 240 gpm. Pressures 100-10,000 psi. Designed for continuous-duty, high pressure liquid applications.

Cat Pumps offers a full range of pumps that meets the ATEX directive for pumps used in an explosive atmosphere. ATEX compliance is common in the industries like petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas and bio-fuels. Adherence to these requirements facilitate sales into these markets.

Under the ATEX Directive, equipment is designated by group, category and zone. Cat Pumps has been certified as ATEX 2, which also covers all the ATEX 3 requirements.

ATEX-certified high-pressure pumps are specially labeled in compliance with ATEX explosive atmospheres mandates, each coming with a signed ATEX Declaration of Conformity, a pump data sheet and Supplementary Installation, Operation & Servicing Instructions for pumps in potentially explosive atmospheres. 

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