C-FER Technologies

C-FER Technologies

C-FER offers independent, full-scale testing & engineering consulting services to help evaluate and implement the best available technologies by Oil & Gas and Pipeline operators. We offer expertise in artificial lift, well design, integrity management and pipeline design. Specific applications include heavy oil, ultra-deep water & unconventionals.

For more than 30 years, C-FER Technologies focuses on facilitating the use of leading edge technology by Oil and Gas, and Pipeline Operators involved in the development of very challenging resources. This success is largely due to the company’s ability to build new large-scale test equipment that is not available anywhere else in the world. This unique testing capability is augmented by engineering expertise in the following areas:              

  • Oil Sands;
  • Arctic Operations;
  • Pipelines; and
  • Deepwater Developments.

Our clients include most of the world’s major oil and gas companies, major pipeline transmission companies, and manufacturers that supply equipment for these challenging applications.

C-FER also holds patents and intellectual property rights to a number of energy industry products and processes. Examples include the PC-PUMP®, CalTran™ and PIRAMID™ software packages.

In addition to working with individual clients to address issues associated with safety, efficiency and minimizing the effect of operations on the environment, C-FER also facilitates Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) to solve problems that are common to upstream Operators and pipeline companies.

The company's staff includes people with significant expertise and industry reputation. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; C-FER's two facilities each contain a unique, world-class laboratory, in which full‑scale equipment qualification testing can be performed, at high pressure, temperature, and load conditions, as well as in sour environments.

The Exploration and Production (E&P) Division works in the areas of drilling and completion, and production operations. The Pipeline and Structures (P&S) Division works in the areas of pipeline design and construction, and pipeline integrity management. In addition to working for individual clients, C‑FER is well known for organizing and managing Joint Industry Projects (JIPs), to address issues of wide industry interest.

C-FER is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alberta Innovates, which focuses on helping build globally competitive commerce in Alberta, Canada.

C-FER offers a highly challenging and informal working environment, continuous learning opportunities, a competitive compensation package and outstanding benefits.

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