Daido Steel

Daido Steel

Since its foundation in 1916, Daido Steel has contributed to society with its group companies through “Monozukuri (Manufacturing),” which includes development of high value-added products and innovation of existing products by leveraging advanced technology primarily for specialty steel production. Specialty steel, which has the potential for broad application, plays an important role in sustaining the growth of various industries such as automobiles, aircrafts, vessels, and IT equipment. Among the leading specialty steel companies, the Daido Steel Group has continued to meet the needs and expectations of society by pursuing the potential.

The business environment surrounding us is drastically changing due to economic globalization, environment and energy issues, and rapidly aging population and low birth rate. We see these changes as opportunities, and will continue to strive for further growth of our business from the following four perspectives.

The first is “Co-creation with our customers.” We aim to keep developing innovations required from society jointly with customers. Through this co-creation, we strive to provide them with total solutions worldwide so that we can support them in overcoming challenges that they are facing.

The second is “Improving our core business and focusing on growing areas.” While continuing to raise the level of our core business, we aim to contribute to society by supporting the development of markets in growth sectors.

The third is “Strengthening our QCD competitiveness.” We strive to enhance our QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) competitiveness that will enable us to stay competitive in the global market by making our manufacturing process more optimized and sophisticated, which will serve as a foundation for us to contribute to society through our specialty steel.

The fourth is “Development of human resources.” We intend to expand our business by creating systems in which each one of our diverse employees can show his/her originality, and by developing human resources who can respond to our rapidly changing world.

At the Daido Steel Group, we will continue to produce new specialty steel that supports global economic growth through co-creation with our customers, aiming at becoming a specialty steel manufacturer that contributes to the world by pursuing the potential of material, and by supporting the future for people and society.

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