DEMETA develops breakthrough catalysts for Green Chemistry allowing to produce high-performance materials.

NexTene™ resin systems, a new family of thermosets, outperforms most of the existing ones. The Oil & Gas industry is a strategic market for DEMETA as NexTene™ can be competitively used for many HP/HT applications such as pipe coating, installation and protective equipment, buoyancy modules, etc.

With its first technology platform (Olefin Metathesis), Demeta commercialises its NexTene™ resins, a new family of high performance materials, with a focus on 3 different markets : complex parts produced by RIM processing, oil & gas and composites materials.

With its second technology platform (Polymetallic Catalysis), Demeta develops technologies for the oxidative cleavage of alkenes, for production of specialty esters, pharma intermediates, flavors & fragrances, or precursors for polyesters and polyamides.

Since its inception in 2011, Demeta can count on the support of Truffle Capital and also BPI France.

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