Elite Controls

Elite Controls

Our specialty is in creating custom, complete control systems (electro-hydraulic or fully electric) that are designed specifically for your application needs. By using our expertise in electronics and hydraulics, we leverage revolutionary technology and methods to meet the needs of the industries we serve.

We partner with the top manufacturers in the industries we serve to provide the best solutions for your project. Our scope of products is what allows us to work with a large variety of applications and offer more than just mobile controls, providing complete & packaged high-quality solutions.

We have years of experience working with a variety of specialized applications, including oil & gas exploration, utility vehicles, airport support equipment and agricultural machinery. Our history with hydraulic applications and knowledge of fluid power principles allows us to separate ourselves from the competition.

We partner with the top manufacturers in our industries to provide the best solutions for every project. Our scope of products allows us to work with a large variety of applications, offering more than just mobile controls. We can provide a complete packaged solution with high-quality wiring harnesses, programming of PLCs from any major manufacturer, multiple display screen options, sensors to measure critical functions in your system and much more.

Software development
Software programs provide the “brains” of electro-hydraulic systems. We specialize in mobile controls with options from several world-class vendors to offer the best solution to meet customer needs.

OEM solutions
OEMs have a responsibility to continually innovate their equipment to create efficiencies in operation, and ensure the safety of all end users.

Panel design and assembly
With a 17,000-foot state-of-the-art-facility in Houston, TX, we can design and build panels for a wide range of applications. We pro-actively track all projects with an impressive on-time delivery record.

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