Eneroil Offshore

Eneroil Offshore

Eneroil is a multinational force in the oil and gas equipment industry, specialising in innovation and quality to bring our customers a sense of trustworthiness and accomplishment while utilising our products.

Founded in 1980, Eneroil possesses a storied history and an unmatched reputation as a major player in downhole equipment products around the world. Operating in three countries and selling to numerous others worldwide, we have brought and continue to bring advanced and ground-breaking products to all corners of the Earth.

Through the largest centraliser and float equipment plant in Asia, we are able to not only satisfy the growing global demand for our range of products, but also create a variety of centralisers and float equipment to assist you in a range of different wells and well conditions. Our global clientele repeatedly testify the superiority of our product and we continuously work together with our customers to eliminate any problems they may foresee during the application.

We place the utmost importance in the quality of our products, and every working minute, wherever it may be, our employees, partners, and distributors put in their collective experience to make your endeavour assured and secure. To this end, our products are certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API), the International Standards Organisation (ISO), and the Euro-Asian state standard (GOST).

We closely tie our manufacturing, marketing, research, design, and training departments to enable us to provide state-of-the-art innovations to our customers. We possess the technical expertise and an advanced support system necessary to make your experience with our products an unbridled success.

Internally, we strive to create a stimulating and welcoming environment for our employees. We do not sidestep anything when it comes to the health and the safety of our workers, associates, or anyone we have the pleasure of welcoming to our facilities.

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