Entro Industries

Entro Industries

Entro Industries designs and builds custom equipment for a variety of applications. Entro product lines include walking systems, heavy haul suspensions and trailers, automated pipe handling machinery, hydraulic access platforms, engineered lift equipment, as well as custom drilling rig substructures.


Entro Products are engineered and manufactured in accordance with both commercial and API quality requirements, depending on customer requirements. Entro Products are manufactured in API 4F certified facilities. Entro’s principal engineers are licensed professional engineers with experience in the oil and gas industry.

Harlan Smith worked in a variety of industries as a Mechanical and Structural Engineer. During that time he found that different industries often have specialized problems that required creative solutions.

Entro Incorporated was formed in 1994 by Harlan and Shannon Smith to address the growing need for custom engineering. They believed that the success of a company was tied to making its customers successful. The best way to do this was to provide simple solutions to complex problems. Entro spent many years focusing on providing technical services to many industries, from Aerospace to construction, to oil and gas. Entro has developed numerous patented designs that address unique challenges across different industries.

Today, Entro continues to innovate and provides custom engineered machinery for a wide variety of clients.

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