ExOne® delivers powerful 3D printers that solve the toughest problems and enable world-changing innovations.

For more than 20 years, ExOne has been the global leader in industrial 3D printing systems using binder jetting technology. Our machines 3D print powder particles — whether that's metal, sand, ceramics or another material — into molds, cores, sacrificial tooling and final end-use parts. In fact, our binder jet 3D printers are among the most researched in the world, cited in more than 95 peer-reviewed technical and scientific articles.

Companies in a wide variety of industries use ExOne 3D printers, from aerospace and automotive to energy and defense. ExOne traces its roots back to 1995 with the founding of the “ProMetal” division of Extrude Hone — a business unit created to develop metal 3D printers.

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