Extreme Coatings  

Extreme Coatings  

Thermal Spray Coatings for Protection against Corrosion, Abrasion and Adhesion on Complex Surfaces.

Extreme CoatingsSM utilizes cutting-edge thermal spray technology to apply extremely wear and corrosion-resistant protective coatings to complex metals components of almost any size or geometry.

Our coatings are hard (62-72 HRC), dense (98% density) and crack-free. Proprietary compositions of hard carbides, ceramics, and alloys are combined to achieve abrasion and corrosion resistance unmatched by conventional hard facing alloys. The process completely encapsulates any substrate with coating thicknesses of .003” – .040” (0.08 -.1.0 mm). Post application diamond polishing provides a super 6-10 RMS (μinch) (.2-.4 Ra μmeter) mirror surface finish.

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