Danish cylinder manufacturer. Development and design, construction, production and quality assurance of the right cylinder for the Offshore, Marine, Subsea and wind power industries. Our broad product program of hydraulic cylinders covers most of the market’s needs. When new needs arise, we work with the customer to create an optimal solution.

The customer’s leading supplier of hydraulic cylinders

“FJERO A/S is a leading hydraulic cylinders manufacturer." That is welcome recognition of our work, and we do not view it as an invitation to rest on our laurels.

On the contrary, we see it as a perpetual challenge to offer our customers the absolute best at all levels.

You can confidently entrust us with your next success

A partnership with FJERO A/S is a well-oiled buyer-supplier relationship. It starts with exploratory talks about wishes and needs, “shelved” opportunities and new development. Placing an order is like mortgaging part of one’s next potential success to a supplier.

That is the approach we take when meeting with old and new customers alike at the start of a project. And that applies to all levels in all departments at FJERO A/S.

FJERO A/S is a leading supplier of high-quality hydraulic cylinders, and our staff knows it. We are proud of that fact and we stand by it – day in and day out, all year long.

In all departments, we are ready to take on new projects and challenges and to welcome new customers and business partners.

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Company Information
Oddervej, Denmark