Franklin Offshore International

Franklin Offshore International

​Franklin Offshore is headquartered in Singapore. We are a leading provider of quality steel wire rope, Flemish-Lock® cable laid slings and integrated solutions in temporary and permanent mooring projects. Our companies are strategically located in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Qatar, United States of America and the Netherlands.

L-Bow "Safety in Every Step"

The L-Bow w2w system is a patented design of a motion compensation gangway system that allows the safe transfer of personnel from a floating vessel to a fixed structure in waves up to 4 metres in height.

Small and Compact with Extensive Reach

The L-Bow is specifically designed and has a very compact footprint on the deck of the operating vessel. However, once in operation, the L-Bow has a reach of 15-21 metres. The gangway has an elevation of 6 metres (20º) up or down to create a large operational envelope to assist in height difference.

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