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The offshore environment is harsh and unforgiving. It is essential that the work and off-duty environment of your skilled, highly-paid crew is as comfortable as possible. Heating, ventilation and other air-handling equipment needs to be as tough, efficient and safe as the structures themselves.

Heinen & Hopman Engineering is renowned in the offshore industry for its project-based approach and dedication to premium quality. Our focus on the demanding offshore segment enables us to create specific, tailor-made solutions for your every need – super strong, super reliable and made to last.

Offshore heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

Heinen & Hopman offers the following offshore-related HVAC products:

  • Explosion proof HVAC suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 (mostly custom built as per clients’ specification)
  • H2S filtering systems
  • Purge / pressurisation systems for LQs
  • Oil mist filters for cleaning oil-based air (mud pit rooms)
  • Mud pit ventilation
  • Shale shaker ventilation
  • Tip extraction for welding torges
  • Welding fume extraction

Custom-built HVAC products

The offshore industry faces tough worldwide environmental conditions, from tropical areas with high temperatures and humidity to extreme arctic conditions with very low temperatures.

The salty environment and Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas make the demands on offshore equipment very high, especially when installed outside. Therefore, it is essential to use safe, durable and reliable HVAC products.

It is common knowledge that space management is a well-know problem onboard of fixed platforms, jack-up units, etc. Space is always a problem – both inside and out – therefore it is a challenge for HVAC engineers to come up with the perfect solution.

Using our 45 years of worldwide marine and offshore experience, we offer custom-built HVAC systems in full compliance with tough demanding client specifications. We have our own in house E/I department which works very closely with our mechanical engineers.

Offshore HVAC system maintenance

Heinen & Hopman covers the entire range of offshore air installations, offering unique advantages in every phase. During the design stage, we set up functional specifications and detailed documentation for each system design. The manufacturing and assembly phase benefit from state-of-the-art procurement, shipping and logistic support methods.

Our rigorous safety philosophy provides you with numerous benefits in terms of health precautions and testing, including cause-and-effect studies, parts testing, and application testing with respect to control. Heinen & Hopman also takes care of the full range of installation, commissioning, testing and trials activities. After the sale, we ensure maintenance planning, parts shipping and onshore and offshore execution is supported by excellent spare part availability from an onshore warehouse.

As a final confirmation of the high quality of our offer, Heinen & Hopman guarantees 25 to 40 years of continuous operation for its equipment, as long as it is maintained according to the following specifications:

  • Calibration, set point, ordering and documentation
  • Interfacings with general management systems such as fire and gas panels
  • Health, safety procedures, applications control toolbox meetings
  • System responsibility for HVAC installations

Offshore HVAC systems

Heinen & Hopman produces a wide range of solutions for offshore facilities, suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

Air-handling units

Heinen & Hopman’s air-handling units are made of stainless steel and specially designed to withstand rough offshore environments. Our units are manufactured according to Eurovent standards.

Cooling plants

Heinen & Hopman’s offering of cooling plants includes produced in water and air-cooled versions, depending on the type of offshore installation and the exact location of the equipment.

Air-cooled equipment is enclosed in stainless steel for resistance against the salty atmosphere. Water-cooled units can use both seawater or freshwater from an intercooling system.

B15-certified cabin units

Heinen & Hopman’s B15-certified cabin units provide electrical reheating for increased personal comfort.

Offshore fire dampers and fans

Heinen & Hopman provides fire dampers that are certified according to the latest requirements. Available options include galvanised or stainless-steel and manual / automatic operation or remote-controlled operation.

Heinen & Hopman’s offers fans with sturdy, galvanised marine construction. Available versions include different axial and centrifugal types.

Overpressure control dampers

Overpressure control dampers from Heinen & Hopman are suitable for all types of overpressure management.

Explosion-proof equipment

Heinen & Hopman offers explosion-proof equipment with cooling compressors. Equipment is ATEX certified and has been successfully used on several projects.

H2S filters and separators

H2S filters are highly suitable for the protection of electronic equipment. Our separators comprise coalescors for the separation of water moisture in the air, which is taken from the outside.

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