Igus has been manufacturing engineered plastics for over 50 years, and develops all materials and technology behind its lines of Energy Chain cable carriers, iglide bearings, Chainflex continuous-flex cables and DryLin linear systems. Igus is committed to finding creative solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Since the beginning of time our world is in motion. The technical progress makes our machines faster and faster and their movements more and more precise. This creates new challenges for the machine parts. As early as 1964, the engineer and Igus founder Günter Blase had the idea of ​​developing products for the movement of low-wear high-performance polymers. they are called motion plastics today. Also in terms of environmental aspects, motion plastics are products that improve. Here, plastics have been created that have a good eco-balance. In production, 50% less oil is consumed than similar steel products and 70% less than aluminum. With 54.4 billion tonnes of lubricants released into the environment each year, lubrication-free plastics from Igus make a further contribution to protecting the environment.

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