Infrared Cameras

Infrared Cameras

We are leaders in innovation of our infrared products and develop our own line of thermal cameras as well as multi-spectral infrared cameras and complete package systems, including the manufacture of NIR, MWIR, SWIR, LWIR cameras. We specialize in providing the best thermal infrared imaging for a broad spectrum of industries including aerial, medical, and industrial applications. 

Whether it is for medical thermography, precision agriculture (thermal cameras for drones), industrial thermography, electrical thermography, or process control our goal is to competitively supply the needs of our customers with top of the line infrared cameras.

Our small, lightweight, durable, and accurate cameras provide professional thermographers with the most accurate temperature measurement of every pixel. Our cameras have been used for many industry specific applications including cancer research, crop inspections, electrical inspections, veterinary research, industrial process management, population disease screening and much more.

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