Innowell Solutions

Innowell Solutions

Innowell Solutions is a small Norwegian start-up company, founded on the idea which could resolve one of the great headaches of the O&G industry - how to get more oil to the surface, faster, cheaper, and with a low carbon footprint. The founders have been associated with the oil industry over a long period, but represent different disciplines from advanced flow engineering to drilling, production, and field development.

Key personnel in Innowell Solutions have been involved in ICD and AICD technologies for more than 20 years. In 2009 - 2011, different mechanisms for discriminating between wanted and unwanted fluids were investigated, and it was concluded that the use of density differences between fluids provides the best flexibility, adaptability, and robustness for a wide range of fields.

The basic principles behind the DAR technology were developed in 2012, and a Joint Industry Project (JIP) was kicked off in 2015, involving four industrial sponsors. The JIP was completed in August 2018 with excellent results from prototype testing in a state-of-the-art HPHT test facility. So far, technology development has led to the following patents:

  • Australian Patent No. 2013348531
  • Danish Patent No. PR178670
  • Norwegian Patent No. 334657
  • United States Patent No. US 9,840,889
  • Norwegian Patent No. 341993
  • Patent applications are pending in several countries

Innowell Solutions AS was established in 2012 (org. no. 999 161 340), but received its current company name in 2017. This company is now the owner of the DAR technology and all the associated patents. Thorleif "Totte" Lager serves as CEO.

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Oslo, Norway