Interventek Subsea Engineering

Interventek Subsea Engineering

Our unique Revolution valve is the only compact wireline class valve that can shear through intervention media without compromising its sealing ability. Primary sealing is accomplished with resilient type material, providing the best line of defence, especially in high pressure, high temperature environments and when a fast and reliable seal is required.

It is easily scaled to meet all well bore sizes, to cut all intervention media and its compact size with rotary actuators means it is ideally suited to the challenging confines of in-riser and slim-line open water interventions. This valve can surpass endurance testing over many hundreds of cycles and is specifically designed to meet the highly rigorous API 17G industry standards.

Interventek is delivering this promise to an offshore industry that requires new approaches to ever increasing technical and commercial rigour. Safety and integrity sit at the heart of the company’s core values and the team is committed to providing products that perform on time, every time.

As a leading subsea engineering business and working closely with its customers, including major national and international oil companies, Interventek offers a new proposition to the industry. We are proactively bringing to market a portfolio of new solutions which are conceived from a special understanding of current and future challenges and operational limitations. This understanding is backed by fifty years of combined experience and a talent for creative problem solving through the application of state of the art design and technology.

Our goal is to revolutionize the global subsea intervention market with game-changing, disruptive and enabling solutions. We will deploy industry compliant, higher performing, compact and cost-effective safety valve technology in the most challenging of subsea environments. We are committed to delivering best-in-class solutions that are half the cost but twice the performance.

Subsea exploration, drilling, completion and some production intervention operations, will utilise a heavyweight floating vessel or drill ship to access subsea wells via a marine riser. Once connected, intervention operations are conducted in-riser via a landing string system which contains a subsea test tree within a BOP. The test tree provides the ability to rapidly shut-in the well and disconnect the vessel in case of emergency should conditions require. A shear and seal valve arrangement is contained within the system, ensuring the landing string contents and well are isolated upon disconnect.

Interventek has developed in-riser shear and seal valves that have been incorporated into 3rd party landing string systems. Interventek also offer a full landing string system incorporating our own valve technology and innovative control system.

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