JP Global Digital

JP Global Digital

JP Global Digital is a leading digital technology service company, providing a broad range of 3D solutions to help our clients pave the way to their digital roadmap. We combine our unmatched engineer’s experience & expertise and our understanding of customers’ needs to create tailor-fit & comprehensive 3D digital solutions to help improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

Our JP 3D Digital Data Capturing Solution is an automatic surveying system capturing the orientation of any capital asset, project, or topographic area (indoor & outdoors) to accurately and efficiently capture 3D data in a wide variety of settings regardless of size and scope. Creating a clear, and precise 3D digital record of existing conditions of any asset(s) without physically touching the areas measured.

3D digital data capturing allows you to obtain certainty of all data captured and a true representation of the model with a 360-degree panoramic view; allowing you to interrogate the data further.

JP’s Smart 3D Modeling is an intelligent 3D model-based using historical 3D design technology coupled with 3D Digital Data Capturing technology giving you the insight and tools to be more efficient, planning, design, construct and manage the execution of your projects.

The Smart 3D Modeling will allow Engineers, operational, maintenance and other professionals to produce a revised P&ID, update documentation, predictive and preventive maintenance and inspection data management and asset integrity analysis.

With our 3D JP Interactive Viewer, users can maximize the value of a rich proprietary web-based platform with integration capabilities (ERPs) which allows users to visualize and interrogate 3D digital data capturing (Point Cloud), 3D CAD and 3D BIM Models (JP’s or your own) from any location across the globe.

Our visualization tool allows you to analyze and Interrogate the data while performing what-if scenarios. The JP Interactive Viewer is intuitive, user-friendly, and collaborative with robust performance and functionality.

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