Materion manufacturers high-strength ToughMet & Alloy 25 materials which are ideally suited for exploration,drilling & completion tools & polished rods.With their non-magnetic,anti-galling and corrosion resistant properties,these alloys extend the reach and accuracy of oil & gas drilling tools and increase reliability of well control and completion

We provide truly innovative material solutions to solve our customers' most complex technical challenges.

As the world changes, so do we. Our expert chemists and engineers are continually pushing the boundaries of advanced material solutions–innovating to ensure our customers are on the cutting edge in their respective markets. Our Materion team works tirelessly to serve our customers, staying at the forefront of technologies essential to their success.

Materion is an advanced materials supplier, which makes answering the question, “What does Materion make?” a bit complicated. Our materials make your world better by enabling technologies to provide a safer, more sustainable future. Although you usually can’t “see” our products, you do come in contact with them every day. For instance, if you…

  • Fly on commercial airliners… Materion makes the metal alloys that keep the electrical connectors connected - regardless of vibrations, heat or extreme conditions. What’s more -their reliability allows aircraft to be serviceable for up to 40 years.
  • Use a smart phone, computer, tablet or other electronic device… you know that reliability and performance are essential. We rely on our mobile devices and expect them to perform for us, 24/7. Enter Materion. A few atoms of our materials change the characteristics of semiconductors, allowing them to work their magic with faster processing times –wherever and whenever we need them.
  • Drive a car… Materion products are at work to get you to your destination safely. Our optics, alloys and clad metals can be found in your car’s auto navigation system, automatic braking systems, front & rear cameras and other sensors.
  • Use energy efficient LED lights…chances are you’re seeing the result of our high quality phosphors at work. Our Inorganic chemical phosphors make LEDs more efficient and allow for better colors of light output.
  • Carry currency…Whether your wallet contains Dollars, Yen, Euros or Yuan, you are carrying some of our technology. Our inorganic chemicals enable printing inks to change color, making it harder for money to be counterfeited worldwide.
  • Monitor your blood glucose levels…Materion chemistry is hard at work for the millions of people who have diabetes and use blood glucose test strips. Our thin film depostion capabilities enable high accuracy and consistency – critical characteristics for medical testing devices and technology.
  • Own a hybrid or electric vehicle, or have a pacemaker…Our extensive capabilities making clad and composite metals lets Materion provide customers with metals whose properties are distinctly suited for specific uses. Our unique combinations of different metals can be found inelectric and hybrid cars, as well as medical implantable electronics, such as pacemakers.

As you can see, Materion products and technology touch millions of lives. But did you know that we also play a part in some really cool things that are out of this world?

  • NASA’s newest and largest space telescope features Materion beryllium in the eighteen mirrors that will allow astronomers and scientists to see billions of light years from Earth. The scientists working on the James Webb Space Telescope decided beryllium was perfectly suited to this mission because of its strong, yet light weight, properties and its ability to be polished – important characteristics when making high tech mirrors.
  • Materion’s unique optical filters manage optical and beyond optical wavelengths that enable night vision color photography of objects in space.
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