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Turnkey projects

Geocean is a marine work contractor with 30 years experience worldwide.

We specialize in engineering and installation of subsea coastal works, such as pipelines, terminals, wharves, jetties, quays, or any type of submarine work, when special and difficult situations have to be resolved. We have the know-how to analyze a natural marine site, evaluate the difficulties and design and adapt your facilities to the particularities of your site. Our expertise is mainly focused on nearshore sites, where offshore gradually become onshore.

Marine assets: innovative equipment

Geocean owns and operates a fleet of marine assets, and has performed turnkey pipelaying operations and oil platform installations. Among its fleet, Geocean owns a pipelay barge dedicated to offshore oil and gas works, The Geocean Protis, equipped with a 500 t crane and S-lay systems.

Additionally, Geocean has developed expertise in marine renewable energies and performed deep seawater intake operations (–1,000 m) for SWAC systems (Sea Water Air Conditioning).

Geocean devotes significant resources to innovation and to the development of specialised equipment so that it can offer original and economical solutions to its clients.


Submarine Pipelines

Geocean proposes a complete range of services related to submarine pipelines. We are able to respond to the requirements of your project scope of work with our in-house resources, including engineering, supply and installation.

Geocean manages:

  • Design, including both basic and detailed design, method statements and specifications;

  • Procurement;

  • Construction, with Project management, logistics, on-site construction.

Near-shore works

Geocean is well-known for its expertise working in shallow water and landfall areas:

  • Construction of wharfs, quays & jetties

  • CBM/SPM loading and unloading terminals

  • Installation of submarine structures

  • Pipe landfalls/Pipe burial

Special works

One of Geocean‘s greatest strengths is to be able to offer services that adjust equipment and method statements to marine projects in difficult environments known as “special works”:

  • Detection of buried objects

  • Decommissioning of submarine structures

  • Unburial of sensitive objects

  • Pollution response


Geocean has developed a dedicated survey department to cover the survey and positioning activities for its projects:

  • Bathymetric survey

  • Geotechnical survey

  • Geophysical survey

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