Newpark Drilling Fluids

Newpark Drilling Fluids

Newpark Drilling Fluids is a full-service drilling fluids company serving North America and numerous international markets.

Based in Katy, TX, Newpark Drilling Fluids has expanded rapidly since its formation in 1997. The company’s growth results from its focus upon technological innovation, coupled with its unique approach to customer service and efficiency improvement. One of the keys to NDF’s evolution is the development of eco-appropriate high- performance drilling fluid systems, differentiating the company in a business sometimes regarded as commodity based.

NDF services both onshore and deepwater wells globally, providing advanced products and fluid systems alongside focused project planning and service implementation to achieve operational efficiency.

International Expansion

In 2002, NDF completed the acquisition of AVA Drilling Fluids, a respected, privately owned drilling fluids company headquartered in Rome, Italy. The acquisition expanded the geographic scope of NDF’s service capabilities to Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Mediterranean. Newpark Drilling Fluids do Brazil was established in 2005 to extend company operations into Brazil’s significant and dynamic offshore drilling basin. In early 2011, NDF purchased the drilling fluids and related engineering services of Australia-based Rheochem, further expanding its global reach to include the Asia Pacific market.

Technology-Based Drilling Fluids

Newpark Drilling Fluids has an effective group of proprietary products and fluid systems incorporating innovative components designed to advance the science of drilling demanding wells.

Its two-fold approach includes achieving new synergies of performance by combining existing technologies into a single package and developing new approaches in fluid chemistry. As a result, Newpark has introduced a growing number of cost-effective products that maximize its customers’ drilling performance, such as the industry- recognized Evolution® drilling fluid system.

Customer Service

Newpark Drilling Fluids’ dedication and commitment to technology and service is evident throughout the organization. Its technical and engineering staff ranks among the most experienced and thoroughly trained in the drilling fluids business, and their culture of service provides a platform for growth based on customer satisfaction. Every day, these seasoned professionals first validate and then implement action plans to address the next challenge each project presents to its customers. By focusing on the specific objectives and characteristics of its customers’ individual drilling programs, Newpark Drilling Fluids helps ensure success well after well, with a mission to anticipate and solve operational problems before they occur.

Newpark Drilling Fluids is independent of all drill bit, tool and equipment manufacturers. NDF does not ‘bundle’ drilling fluids with equipment or rig services, resulting in an unbiased, innovative approach to drilling fluids systems development and analysis. This unique position in the industry separates NDF from competitors and drives the continuing contributions to technology innovation.

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