NORCE is a new and forward-looking research institute, with expertise in a wide range of fields and strong communities of knowledge. We deliver research and innovation in energy, health care, climate, the environment, society and technology. Our solutions address key challenges for society and contribute to value creation on the local, national and global levels.

NORCE uses its professional breadth and regional presence to deliver research and new solutions to global and local societal challenges. Researchers at NORCE have taken the initiative to bring together European breeders, feed producers, technology providers and start-up companies in an initiative to revolutionize feed control in the fish farming industry.

Population growth and global warming of our planet require restructuring and increase the need for even more sea food. But in order for it to be justifiable to extract more proteins for both animal feed and food for humans, the marine resources must also be better safeguarded.

At NORCE we solve the central and critically important challenges that we define in close collaboration with industry - and which are essential for the environment and sustainability.

We deliver cutting-edge innovations in the digitalisation of the aquaculture industry, through new concepts where we combine the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence with knowledge of fish biology that is at the forefront of research.

Overall, we provide an important knowledge base for "smart" monitoring of fish welfare, fish behavior, feeding of the fish and the environment that surrounds the fish. All in all, it is about strengthening control and optimization of all conceivable production systems for fish farming.

Our approach is always new research and solutions that facilitate the most efficient and environmentally friendly production, as well as the functional use of production systems such as partially closed and closed farms. We are also mobilizing new knowledge to optimize production in RAS and offshore systems.

In addition, it is concerned that research will be easily accessible and implementable for companies. Simplified admission and use of new research results and production processes in the industry should therefore also have a significant focus in our work.

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