Oliasoft WellDesign™ represents the only native engineering package built from scratch in order to achieve a range of efficiencies through digitalization and fulfill authority requirements related to the drilling and well domain. 

Oliasoft WellDesign™ is a complete well planning software for drilling engineers, covering all required calculations such as Trajectory Design, Casing Design, Tubing Design, Blowout Simulation and Conductor Analysis, all through a web browser.

Oliasoft focuses on optimizing the workflow during well planning and can be a real time tool used on the rig. The cloud-based web application makes it easy to collaborate and share work. Due to the integrated software solution, data is always updated and you avoid re-entry of information.

Oliasoft  can receive input data from other API based software and perform well design calculations based on this input. Results and output from Oliasoft  can be shared with external applications through APIs or be the basis for digital drilling procedure and a digital wellplan.

Oliasoft's mission is to develop software that helps drilling engineers make cost-efficient, safe, and effective oil wells.

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