POSCO is the most competitive and one of the largest steel & iron making companies in the world. POSCO and our family companies provide total solutions tailored to customer needs encompassing fundamental, commercial and application technology. Our families are POSCO E&C, POSCO Engineering, Sungjin Geotec, POSCO Specialty Steel and POSCO Plantec.

POSCO was launched on April 1, 1968 with a mission for national industrialization. As the first integrated steel mill in Korea, Posco has grown to produce 41 million tons of crude steel a year, and has grown to become a global business with production and sales in 53 countries in the world. POSCO has continued to contribute to the development of mankind through endless innovation and developments in technology,

and has become the most competitive steel maker in the world. POSCO will continue to be an enduring company, trusted and respected by people established its management philosophy Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together.

POSCO pursues 'Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together'. POSCO will become a valued member of society, grow alongside various stakeholders, such as employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, vendors and local communities, and pursue the values of consideration, coexistence and symbiosis.


To deliver the meaning of With, which embodies the meaning of a corporate citizen growing together with society, W expresses the continuation of empathetic harmony by visualizing the image of two individuals holding hands. The warm orange color possesses the positive energy of growing together.POSCO made 'With POSCO' its vision, and it is building a better future with 'Business With POSCO', by creating values with business partners, 'Society With POSCO', by shaping a better tomorrow with the community, and 'People With POSCO', by building a culture of trust and creativity.

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