PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings is a world leader in protective and marine coatings manufacturing products and systems used in marine, infrastructure, energy, and petrochemical markets. With unrivalled levels of innovation and expertise in coatings technology, we support customers through an expanding global distribution network.


Protects people and assets against extreme hydrocarbon hazards, including pool fire, jet fire and explosion, in both onshore and offshore environments.  Tested to comply with the latest internationally recognized fire test standards.


Increased durability through patent-pending technology, which is tested to per UL2431 and NORSOK M501 Rev 6 standards, without topcoat.  Unique flexibility allows the PFP coating to withstand stresses and strains without cracking or delamination during construction, transportation and in service.


Only 7.98mm (314 mils) required to meet two-hour UL1709 fire rating.


At least 15% lighter than alternative epoxy PFP systems; and less than 1/3rd the weight of "lightweight" cementitious systems.


The complete coating system can typically be applied in a single shift, providing up to 60% savings in application time for greater productivity.

Like other coatings in the PPG SIGMASHIELD family of reinforced products, the PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 product is engineered and formulated to resist corrosion in a wide range of industries and applications. 

It provides cost savings by reducing the time and expense associated with surface preparation as well as providing greater application efficiency and enhanced finish quality.

PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 coating can be rapidly immersed and continues to cure after seawater immersion, it is particularly suited for structures exposed to tidal movement and surges, and for offshore splash zones such as those encountered in offshore projects.

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