READ Cased Hole

READ Cased Hole

READ is a world-leading independent cased hole logging services provider. We have the technical excellence, knowledge and insight to add real value to your oilfield recovery.

Your well. Our technology and expertise. The perfect partnership for maximising production and minimising intervention costs.

READ Cased Hole provides production logging, well integrity and reservoir evaluation services to the global oil & gas industry. Combining best-in-class technology and independent data analysis, we have been helping operators maximize production and minimize intervention costs for close to 30 years. We are headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland with facilities in the US, Middle East and Europe.

READ is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to acquiring accurate downhole data, even in the harshest of well environments.

Our ZeroWear™ multifinger caliper sensors offer a unique and revolutionary approach to well integrity data acquisition in hostile environments.

Designed and engineered in-house by READ, and successfully laboratory and field tested, these pioneering sensors achieve a far greater level of precision in high H2S / CO2 conditions, compared to standard tungsten carbide coated sensors.

ZeroWear™ replaces traditional spray-on coatings with a patented method of construction to create a virtually indestructible multifinger caliper sensor.

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