RigPower, manufactures and distributes an advanced design 1135 amp/1000 volts single pole connectors for the drilling and solar power industry. Offerings include RMP® II series, Secure Mount® series and VFD-1 ® series offers a highly engineered connector specifically designed for the demanding service of Variable Speed AC drilling rigs.

RigPower, a member of the Hubbell Inc. group of companies, is a leading manufacturer of Single Pole and Bolted High-Amperage Connectors for Use on Land Based and Off-Shore Drilling Rigs and other High-Amperage Power Generation Applications.

Our mission is to create new industry standards in industrial electrical connectors by combining appropriate technological advances, quality production methods, and dependable customer support.RigPower’s directive is to protect roughnecks and equipment while providing ease of installation and superior electrical connections in the field or during build-out.

Drilling industry tested for added safety, function and durability.

Our connectors provide:

• Industry Standard For High-Amperage Power Connectors

• Superior Product Design Features and Materials

• Smallest connector available that will accommodate a 777 MCM cable

• All products available in 10 Colors to provide easy circuit identification

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