Ringers Gloves

Ringers Gloves

Ringers Gloves, a proven leader in impact gloves and hand safety solutions, provides a full comprehensive line of task-specific, CE-certified gloves that provide solutions to the three biggest hand injuries in the oil and gas industry - bruising blows, hairline fractures and pinched/smashed fingers.

Since 1996, Ringers Gloves’ sole focus is creating high performing, task-specific work gloves to advance hand safety technology. Beyond our broad portfolio of gloves designed to serve the unique needs of customers worldwide, we offer value add programs such as work site assessments to help our customers achieve compliance goals and improve their safety records. We also provide opportunities to test pilot our gloves in the field, ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

An HSE Partner

In alignment with the new view of Human Performance and worksite safety behaviors, our custom patterns follow the natural contour of the hand. Safety data shows workers may violate policy and remove their gloves to complete a task efficiently if the gloves don’t provide the necessary dexterity. Ringers is dedicated to creating work gloves that achieve an equal balance of optimal fit, form, and function — so they can be comfortably worn the entire workday. And unlike PPE generalists, we have an internal research & development team and staff of industrial product designers all focused on engineering the highest performing safety work gloves. But our commitment does not end there.

Ringers leverages our expertise to provide hands on service and support in the field. We partner with our distributor partners and HSE customers to conduct site assessments, evaluate safety policies, and identify any gaps or opportunities to strengthen safety procedures so compliance can be reached. We even offer test pilots to ensure the gloves you order deliver the protection, dexterity, and comfort required.

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