Slingco is a specialist supplier to offshore industries, with products designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the Oil & Gas industry.

Our product range includes everything from stainless steel and non-metallic cable grips for installing and/or supporting cable (or pipes) to down-hole cable protectors, which provide a safe, quick, and efficient way of conveying and securing downhole cables.

Any size, any shape, any quantity – we’re passionate about providing the solutions you need for your downhole applications, and that’s why we offer:

Here are just some of the cable protector products we offer:

The Slingco Cable Protector has been purpose-designed for use on the wide range of cables, lines and umbilicals that have to be conveyed in and out of well-bores. Its innovative, streamlined form minimises the risk of downhole hang-ups to ensure maximum operational productivity.

Each protector features an eight-point friction pad gripping system that provides a secure, reliable grip to enable the safe, quick and effective conveying and securing of ESP cables, control lines, umbilicals and encapsulated bundles.


The Mid-Joint Cable Protector is installed between joints of downhole tubing strings, and is often used in conjunction with other cable protectors to further secure and protect cables or lines from damage.

Slingco’s line of Non-Metallic Aramid Cable Grips are ideal for use in fiber optic cable installation operations, offshore projects, or for a multitude of uses in the utilities industry.

These grips are made of a high-strength, non-metallic aramid fiber, with UV protective coating, and now feature an improved weight to break ratio. They are suitable for pulling both single cable and multiple cable bundles.

Thanks to the non-metallic material, these grips are easy to work with even without gloves. The woven mesh material also offers a non-metallic, non-conductive alternative to steel grips.

We have many different styles of Non-Metallic Aramid Cable Grips for your project, such as Single Eye, Double Eye, Offset Eye, Lace Up, Mining Grips, and our new Single Eye Double Weave Grips made of ultra flex aramid material. We can also work with you to customize an Aramid Cable Grip to match any particular project specifications.

• Break loads similar to steel cable grips

• Lightweight

• We can create custom grips to meet your specifications

• No More Frayed Grip Wires

• UV Resistant and strong enough to last in salt water, pollutants, and underground

Slingco is an award-winning company specialising in the design and production of cable pulling and support grips, swivels, cable protectors, wire rope assemblies and accessories.

We offer world-leading products, including ranges designed and developed specifically to meet the demanding performance requirements of sub-sea and marine environments, serving both Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy industries.

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