Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges.

To us, it’s all about advanced materials and specialty chemicals. We are a  company committed to developing top-notch chemistry that addresses next-generation mobility and improves resource efficiency.

Our innovative products and constantly evolving market solutions respond to fast-pacing demand in automotive and aerospace, smart and medical devices, batteries and energy efficiency to power the change; in mineral and oil extraction, among many other applications in consumer goods enabling agile and tailored solutions for each of our customer’s need.

We dedicate to a circular economy and collaborate with game-changers to spark the impact of cleaner and sustainable solutions globally. Our lightweight materials enhance cleaner transportation, its formulations optimize the use of resources and its performance chemicals improve air and water quality.

Diverse, entrepreneurial, and bright talent is Solvay’s beacon with 24,500 employees who innovate and manufacture our products in more than 61 countries. It’s been part of our DNA since the Group’s very foundation, more than 150 years ago by Ernest Solvay, driving us to serve as an open innovation hub housing the best minds for global advancement at all level of the value creation.

At Solvay, we dedicate effortlessly to challenge chemistry to allow us progress and constantly renovating our product portfolio at fast speed.
To address next-generation mobility and resource efficiency with innovative solutions  in more than 11 industries, we ground on 3 major business pillars:

  1. Advanced Materials  - Providing solutions for sustainable mobility, lightweight, CO2, and energy efficiency.  
  2. Advanced Formulations  - Customized specialty formulations for surface chemistry and liquid behavior, maximizing yield and efficiency, and minimizing eco-impact.
  3. Performance Chemicals  - Solvay specialty chemicals lead in chemical intermediates through scale and technology to develop applications and industrial innovation for optimized costs.
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