Technogenia has acquired considerable experience in the creation of anti-abrasion protection for the drilling business. In this industry particularly, anti-abrasion protections on tools like stabilizers, sleeves, collars or wear bands is imperative. Replacing these parts can be costly and time-consuming, slowing production and reducing quality.

Technogenia has developed a special and spherical tungsten-carbide powder known as "Spherotène" that when deposited on the tool's surface, provides exceptional anti-abrasion solutions.
Spherotene is used in a consumable rope, a welding product known under the brand name "TECHNOSPHERE", and also in special powders for laser applications worldwide known under the brand name "LASERCARB". This laser technology is the reference in hard-facing with laser on non-magnetic tools.

Technogenia has now 5 Lasercarb Service Centers :
France, UK, USA with 2 locations: 1 in Conroe, (TX) and 1 in Oklahoma City (OK), and Middle East (Dubai).

Manufacturer also of hard metal parts, the company is able to offer to you a large variety of products to cover all your needs in term of wear, cutting and abrasion.

Technogenia has also Lasercarb licensee's partners in Singapore, China, France and Canada

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