Thermal Edge

Thermal Edge

Thermal Edge manufactures temperature control solutions for electrical control panels. Products include Air Conditioners, Air to Air Heat Exchangers, and Filtered Fan Packages.

When designing and manufacturing Thermal Edge products, we take a different approach. One of our core beliefs is that our electrical enclosure air conditioners must be feature-rich and offer the customer superior benefits. While our competition has been around longer, we believe that our superior design and full-featured products provide the customer a compelling reason to look past their existing supplier.

We like to say that a majority of our customers purchased somebody else’s enclosure air conditioner the last time they needed one. This understanding forces us to design and manufacture a product that exceeds our customers’ expectations both in design and quality. This drives us from the very beginning of every unit’s design to make sure we allow for all of the important standard features that makes an enclosure air conditioner a Thermal Edge Enclosure Air Conditioner.

This desire to build superior products carries through to how we service and support our customers. We understand that our customers do not want to leave a voicemail and wait for a return call. Most often, they do not want to correspond by email. When they call Thermal Edge, they want to speak with a knowledgeable and responsive sales or technical representative. We work diligently to answer the questions and provide the information requested of us.

We also understand that manufacturing in the United States of America is important for our country, for our employees and for our families. We believe that creating jobs, taking risks and making a stand that “Made in America Matters” is important and it is right. Placing an American Flag on every unit is not about marketing or sales. Placing the flag on every unit is making the statement that at Thermal Edge, designing and manufacturing products in Irving, Texas is as important to us as what goes into the box.

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