Tomahawk Robotics

Tomahawk Robotics

Tomahawk Robotics, a leading innovator of unmanned systems control solutions, improves ease-of-use and execution efficiency with Kinesis. Designed for field-based operators, Kinesis addresses the many challenges of operating multi-domain (air/ground) robotic systems beyond line-of-sight. From desktop to mobile, Kinesis enables end users to seamlessly interact with their environment.


Create safe, useful and affordable solutions that improve our customers lives and businesses


Employ user-centric design to develop robots that empower and enhance human capabilities


Integrity and respect for our customers, partners, employees and communities.

The backbone of any useful robotic solution is predicated on user-centric design, intuitive control technologies and the intelligent application of electro-mechanical technology. We’ve spent our careers developing and delivering industry-leading robotic control software, ruggedized hardware and innovative systems. Our robotic solutions are built to safely work alongside people and function in unstructured environments. They manipulate the environment of the real world, as a natural extension of the user, in a safe and cost-effective way.

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