Union Wire Rope

Union Wire Rope

Union Wire Rope, a WireCo WorldGroup Brand, has been the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of wire ropes and assemblies for more than 100 years, delivering exceptional service and unmatched support worldwide.

Union has a rich history dating back to just before the United States entered World War I. Commodity prices were steadily increasing and headlines such as “Oil Prices Bound to Soar” were typical. Industries were experiencing shortages of supplies and rising prices. The lack of wire rope had become so acute that drilling and production of petroleum products were threatened.

Today, Union remains an industry leader in oil and gas, mining, crane and general-purpose ropes with technical support unmatched in the industry. The Union Cut-Off Program, which is designed to calculate, log and track the service life of Union drill lines is recognized by contractors around the world as the best in the industry.

Union Rope Support

Union wire ropes reflect the people who make it. People of character, full of grit and determination. Tough-minded individuals who never cut corners or take shortcuts. We’ve matched the science of design with the art of skilful manufacturing craftsmanship to build the best wire rope in the world.

No matter where you are in the world, Union delivers hard-working products, exceptional service and unmatched support. At Union, we’re with you in the field, on the rig and in the mine, getting our hands dirty to supply tough ropes that help you get the job done - better. Being part of the global leader, WireCo WorldGroup, our expertise is unmatched. Whether it's manufacturing, design, troubleshooting or logistics, Union wire rope support is unsurpassed.
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