Van Oord

Van Oord

We are a Dutch family-owned company with 150 years of experience as an international marine contractor. We value open communication with our clients and stakeholders. Our company culture is one of entrepreneurship and engaged employees. We think and act with responsibility and focus on the long term.

Mission: "As a global marine contractor, we are specialised in dredging, oil & gas infrastructure and offshore wind. We work closely and safely with our clients and stakeholders to create innovative and sustainable solutions."

Purpose: "Our purpose is to create a better world for future generations by delivering Marine ingenuity."

Market drivers

Our purpose and mission have four main drivers. The growing world population needs more space. Maritime transport requires new and improved infrastructure. Climate change demands better coastal protection. The demand for energy is growing and a renewable energy system is essential to providing the energy needed for the future.

Our values

We have defined four values that describe how we achieve our business goals:

We create

We share a passion for entrepreneurship and marine construction. We design and execute innovative maritime solutions based on Marine ingenuity, creating value for our clients. This is our reason for being and it defines our contribution to a prosperous and better society.

We care

As a family-owned business, we care about people. We always maintain high standards of quality, safety and integrity on our projects. We are prepared to take responsibility and we care about creating a sustainable world. Our actions are based on longterm continuity and stewardship.

We work together

Our organisation is professional and dedicated, with a strong focus on working together in teams and with clients to achieve the best results. We are a learning company that constantly strives to improve. We believe that mutual respect is the key to trust and cooperation.

We succeed

We are competitive and we are prepared to challenge each other. We are flexible, and we adapt to new market conditions. We do this by taking responsible risks and by continuously improving our business processes so that our clients get the best value. Our aim is to ensure the long term continuity and growth of our business.

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