Vicinay Marine

Vicinay Marine

After 200 years of unceasing commitment, the fruit of the Vicinay family’s labours has made Vicinay Marine the world leader in the supply of chains and mooring systems for the offshore industry.

Vicinay Marine, S.L. was founded in July 2005 following the corporate restructuring of Vicinay, S.A. and is the parent company of the Group. Vicinay Marine now has over 650 staff engaged in offshore and marine activities, with worldwide representation and a quality recognised by its industry leaders.

Exporting to more than 30 countries, Vicinay Marine has become the prime producer of world class mooring lines, a key part of which is finding solutions to each customer’s mooring challenges.

With an ability to manufacture chains from 40 mm up to 220 mm in diameter and without restriction as to length or weight, Vicinay Marine can supply 80,000 tons per year in qualities R5, R4S, R4, R3S, R3 and Grade 3 for the offshore and marine industries together with a wide variety of accessories in a range of qualities and sizes.

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