Zerust Corrosion Solutions

Zerust Corrosion Solutions

Zerust® offers a full line of corrosion inhibitor packaging & rust solutions. Zerust is the inventor of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) poly technology and offers expert onsite support in over 70 countries worldwide. For over 40 years, Zerust has helped customers reduce the cost and problems associated with corrosion.

Use Zerust®/Excor Vapor Capsules to protect multiple metal types from corrosion in almost any enclosure or sealed packaging. Zerust diffusers emit Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) that prevent oxidation of the metal surface that causes rust. They provide targeted corrosion protection in hard to reach spaces and additional protection to metals in Zerust VCI packaging applications.

Zerust capsules are quick and easy to install. Simply peel back the protective paper from the adhesive tape and install securely in desired location. Tightly seal the enclosure to trap protective vapor inside. Metals will be protected from rust and tarnish for up to one or two years depending on the capsule model and environment.

Axxanol Spray-G provides the protection of a grease in the convenience of a sprayable form. It outperforms many other rust preventative coatings, while being easier to apply and remove, saving time and costs associated with corrosion control. The product has an oily grease consistency and provides advanced corrosion protection for parts and equipment for up to 1 year outdoors and 2 years indoors.

Axxanol Spray-G can be used as a light lubricant while it provides exceptional corrosion protection. The product is resistant to water and is compatible with packaging and most rubber and plastic materials. Test on a small area before use.

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